Generations of Faith Campaign Update
Our Generations of Faith Campaign here at Saint Margaret’s was a great success. As you know by now, the parish has begun to receive back the funds from the amount we pledged over and above the goal.
We will be installing new pews in the church during the month of August. This is your generosity and stewardship at work. Thank you! 
Look at these figures and statistics:
Our Campaign Goal: $740,000 
Amount pledged: $1,006,022
Total number of parishioners who pledged: 256
Amount paid on pledges thus far: $313,161.50
As you can see we have been doing quite well in collecting pledged amounts. Many of you have paid in full and many are currently paying pledges over time. We thank you for you consistent support. 
It is very important that we be consistent in making our payments on the pledges we made. This will allow the total amount of over $1 million to be collected for the good work of the diocese and the continued work on our parish projects.
In some cases, you may have pledged but your situation may have changed. If you need to amend your pledge, whether it is for more or for less, please contact us.
Also, please know that if you did not pledge during the campaign or if you would like to pledge now, you still can. Please drop your information (name, address, phone, email and amount you would like to pledge) in an envelope and place it in the collection or hand it in to the rectory. There are also some envelopes around the church for your use.
May God bless you all abundantly for your generosity and the spirit of stewardship which is alive and well in this parish! Thank you!